Acerbi escapes discrimination charge.

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Inter Milan defender Francesco Acerbi escapes racism punishment Just because the evidence to convict is not sufficient.

Acerbi was found innocent after the Italian Sports Disciplinary Committee issue no sanction after Napoli defender Juan Jesus accuse him of being racially abuse during a Serie A match between the teams.

Jesus felt racist remarks during a clash with Acherbi during the game and told the referee about it. Until it became a story that had to be investigate to find the truth. Meanwhile, the Inter defender insists on his innocence. But he was cut from the Italian national team in March. While waiting to hear the decision

Italian Sports Discipline Committee Consider from many evidences Together, Acherbi admits that offensive words were speak ufabet And threatening But nothing was said in a racist manner. Meanwhile, there was no audio from the video or witnesses present to confirm what Jesus heard.

Therefore, only Jesus has confirmed that Acherbi made racist remarks towards him. And when this happens According to Italian law, it is therefore not consider an offense. Because the evidence is not enough And it has also been state that The Brazilian defender cannot appeal the decision.

Having been sent home from Italy camp due to the ongoing investigation, the ruling means Acerbi now faces no further punishment and is available for selection for Monday’s game against Empoli. Per UFABET Jesus is unable to appeal the judgement passed by the Federal Prosecutors’ Office, as his focus will now be on Napoli’s game with Atalanta on Tuesday.